Our church has a commitment to the discipleship of Jr. and Sr. High School students.

Sunday School - Sunday School classes, 9:30 - 10:30 a.m., delve into God's Word for His truth.

Youth Life Ministry - In conjunction with various other churches in the area, our youth meets monthly with Jr. High age students in the Farmington School District. 

Youth Group -  Our Jr. and Sr. High youth also have a weekly time of food, fun and fellowship where friends are invited to hear about Jesus.  

Re:Connect -  This ministry gives our youth the opportunity to connect with other youth in the Presbytery  during a week of summer and weekend of winter camp.

Summer Camp - Ridge Haven Cono, Walker, Iowa hosts a week of worship and fellowship for Jr. and Sr. High School students.

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For schedule of meetings and events, check out our Calendar Page.